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About us

About us

WCTI Partners, Inc. is a venture capital fund headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. WCTI Partners, Inc. invests directly into seed and early stage technology companies involved in hightech (imagery, telecommunications, semiconductors), IT, healthcare (medical devices, digital health), and cleantech (smart cities, smart building, M2M) mostly in the United States and Europe, but with no geographical restrictions.

WCTI Partners, Inc. is an innovation-oriented venture capital fund that focuses on bringing added value to portfolio companies. For this purpose, it has designed dedicated programs to support the growth and development of these companies through long-term relationships WCTI Partners, Inc. has developed. These programs are as follows:

  • International Soft Landing program dedicated to both European and U.S. companies willing to establish entities respectively in the United States and Europe,
  • Pre-Seed Funding Program dedicated to finance research & development projects within universities, research and innovation centers until startup/spinoffs creation phase,
  • Follow-on investments with the support of an international lender and/or investor network.

In addition to these programs, WCTI Partners, Inc. provides corporate services to its value companies such as administrative and financial support, sales & Business development, and accommodation in accelerators, incubators and, innovative centers. For this purpose, WCTI Partners has invested in support and consulting companies in the United States and Europe.

WCTI Partners, Inc. has also decided to consider funds of funds activities in venture capital and private equity funds involved in same technological areas in the United States and Europe.

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WCTI Partners, Inc. announces the creation of its investment vehicle, WCTI EUROPE EQUITY, a special limited partnership registered on August 3, 2016 in Luxembourg.


WCTI Intl Soft Landing Program

WCTI Partners, Inc. has designed an International Soft Landing Program to welcome companies between the United States and Europe in both ways.


Pre-Seed Funding program

WCTI Partners, Inc. has launched a Pre-Seed Funding Program to finance R&D projects with universities and innovative & research centers in the United States and Europe.